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Jakarta’s Global Mobile Awards and Summit 2017. So honored to be in one stage with all CEO and Co-founders of Investree, IDN Media, Female Daily, Uber, Tokopedia. Aku mah apalah.

#GMASA2017 #GMASAJakarta – with Dilla and Yuanita at Balai Kartini

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My crib for the night. Not for the claustrophobic 😅.
#capsulehotel #japan #ginza – at Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel (東京銀座 BAY HOTEL)

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Gyukatsu Motomura, is non-arguably The Best Katsu that I have ever had. Gyu means beef, and katsu is a technique of food serving by making it fillet thin and breaded.

But this particular Katsu is not your average katsu because it was katsue-d on the outside and still rare on the inside (Oh yes, she got that inner beauty). If you however prefered well-done, there is a small grill which enable you to eat this sexy beef anyway you want it, while it’s hot.

Waited for 1 hour on a freezing 3°C weather? Totally worth it. – at Gyukatsu Motomura

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Today I got a chance to visit one of the most notorious Immigration Office in town, The Tanjung Priok Branch.

Te Drive to Tj Priok itself, it’s quite adventurous.

You would be side by side with 16 wheeler trucks which made the ground beneath you shake (literally) when they pass.

Not to mention, the air that you breathe felt so polluted, the clouds and sky around you are just 50 shades of grey (again, literally)

Yes, you’d feel like you’re in a movie scene. Like, in one of those rundown citadels on a Starwars Movie, or 20th centuries rotten industrial town on Blade Runner.

*Disclaimer* I took this photo from google because I was too afraid to pull my phone out of my pocket.

But yeah, once you’ve driven in Tj Priok, you can drive anywhere.

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Don’t give up on religion just yet. #faith2017

With all of the mishaps that had happened in 2016, we witnessed a period of time where in many parts of the world, religion is used to justify violence, extremism, and sponsor a series of unfortunate surprises. Throughout history, religion has been abused and misused not for the greater good, but a selected few of politicians, conglomerate and other God-knows vested interest groups.

But on the other side of the blade, it also contains the very same raw material to justify compassion, co-existence, and kindness.

And, what if at the very centre of the virus, lies the antidote?

And, how about if we start 2017, with a little more faith?

Check out the muse of this thinking by watching this amazing TedTalk by Rabbi Sharon Brous:


Napak Tilas Bali Living Part 3:
with one of my favorite room mate on earth, a picture of my favorite home on earth, and tagging my other favorite room mate on earth!

Viva Forever Umalas Jammmm ❤️❤️ – with Adita and Devina

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Napak Tilas Bali Living Part2;

This is the special menu (read : not written the menu) Pavlova Dessert from Biku! Adita and I used to crave over this simple foam-manggo-strawberry dessert, and lick it to the bottom of the plate.
Those were the sweet good ol’ days.. – with Adita at Biku

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Covering 896kms by land, within 2 days we hit the road to discover great natural delights at the #GreatOceanRoad.
Emus, Kangaroos, Pacific Ocean Fringes, Lighthouses, Koalas, Parrots, and thousand of picture perfect memories 🤗 – with Ando and Mya

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Finally reach the finish line on venturing taste department in Sydney and Melbourne~ Definitely a wonderful past time for the tastebuds (but not bodyshape). Here’s a peek to the list:
– Signature Marble 9+ Steak at The Cut
– Buttermilk Pancake with Bacon and Maple at Wollongong Beach
– Grilled Octopus at Bondi Beach
– Salt and Pepper Squid, Salmon Aburi at Sydney Fish Market
– Gyutan Don at Menya, Melbourne
– Kangaroo Satay at Apollo Beach (not…my fave)
– Lamb Girros at Stalacticce or any random Kebab Meat shack (its all good!)
– Sushi & Teppan at Kanpai, Melb – with Ando and Mya

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