Let’s randomly chomp about love and lust today.

How those two words and their confusing means often convict us in such labyrinth. How to differentiate lust from love?  Can there be love after lust?


Sex can be a decoy for love. The body transmits signals, which perceived as love, to the brain. Simply because your body loves to be given what it wants.  It’s an honest false alarm.

Sometimes, when you feel that you need to be touched, you‘ll say ‘I need to be loved ‘, ‘ I miss him/her’.  Whilst, it was only the brain covering up the whole scenario of lust with more acceptable terms.

The signal of wanting sex, thus become a never-ending debate between your heart and mind. Is this love? Is this the one we’re looking for?

For some productive population of humans, the mind typhoon may stimulate senses of inspiration. They create songs, poems, and become amazingly romantic. For the rest of the population, they can get mind-bogglingly depressed. One realizes that the two substances is not the same thing when everything is already too late. People get married everyday, with someone they barely knew. Just because the body demands some crucial needs it orders to be fulfilled. Us humans, since we cannot really see into the souls, sometimes we just believe on what the body say so.  But body changes mind a lot. When it does, chaos comes in. Suddenly, you just want anything, but what you have.

Another thing to figure out is, can love rises after lust? Is there any explanation to anyone who’s admitting they’re in love, after a good deal of sex?

Again, since the body is so attached to the soul, the polarization between both wants is the purpose of every man’s quest.  

However, there’s actually a partition between body and soul that we can easily detect. An amazing separator called “time”. While body is young, and renewed every life cycle, soul is ancient, and wise.

Soul, is a time traveler, and what soul really wants is never something instant or disposable. Soul will be patient to wait for the right time, the right person, and the right kick of feeling. Soul would consider sex as a million Euros bonus, except seeing it as the prize of the game.

Soul defines love as nothing we call, ‘infatuation’, ‘fling’, ‘crush’, ‘one night stand’, ‘love at first sight’. Since it would only be filling up prescription of body wants. Soul defines love as mistakes. Imperfection.  Anger, of how time and time, we can accept someone although he is nothing at all of that we want.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with love, nor lust. Both are astoundingly fun. Love is long lasting and exhausting. Lust is temporal but exciting. Keep it in the right yin and yang, a careful symphony of canonic notes. Just never ever..by no means…overlap one another.  Dipping into of occasional lust, can never compensate the hunger of losing a great love.