Although our language has become so advanced, and technology has enabled us to say almost anything, anywhere, to anyone, we are still the beings of symbols.

People say things they didn’t really mean, and people do things they didn’t really want. Everything is an effort of symbolizing the real message.  Everything is to say the message, without having to say it out loud. We are the crowd of implicitness.

Since the first time cave paintings were invented – somewhere between 32,000 years ago, we actually have never moved on from that form on saying things.

We draw the big picture that resembles reality, somebody else come and see it, then they’ll get the idea.

32,000 years later. We replace our media from rock and clays to vocal cords or screen. However, the way we decode signs to meanings are still the similar.  Humans will always try to say things based on the outcome of the impressions. Which means, how it would impress – if one says such things. We say things, not just because we want to say things. But what we say, is what we do to manage our self-images.

The long history of communication has always about “the sender – the media – and the receiver”.  Point stressed, every sender expects receiver/s.  That’s why, we never say things we want to say, and gets to the person receiving, exactly as how we want to say it. Whether the error is ours, or theirs. This is inevitable unless we are both the sender and the receiver.

Along the way, the media changes thoroughly. Varied from a simple 140 characters of tweet to a conversation leading to make-out sessions. It is all only a media to convey, the bigger picture.

Think of it, do we really want to say whatever we tweeted to any of our followers?

Or, do we tweet because they won’t understand our tweet exactly as we would like to say it? 

Do we really want to make out with that person last night?

Or, do we make out to make a statement to somebody else not sharing the same experience?

We confuse ourselves with the advancement of media which pull us back to ancient times. We draw the big picture; and it’s not specifically directed to the recepient of our intentions. We’ve engraved it on caves, on walls, and stones. But never to their heart. Not in front of our addressee.


Simply because we’re a pile of sissies?

Because we’re a ‘symbol decoding-fetish’ social animals?

Or just because Homo sapiens’ heart, remains a child?

You “tell” me.

Or let me just “found out what you really want to say”.