Looking at my journal I wrote during the year 2008 – 2010, I’ve experienced quite an awful lot of love symptoms.

To whom it was, obviously is not so important anymore, and I’m not going to admit it publicly anyway. So no point of discussing that..

But I would love to share you my expression of love around those times. How bloody childish or foolishly I am when possessed by these strange forces. Here’s some editor’s choice for you tumblr peeps. Get your paper bags and tissue ready!

– “ I really hate you, and I want to stab you. But if you were dead, I rather give out my soul as exchange to your life.”

– “ all I want is a cup of tea..
To be enjoyed with you when we’re sixty”
– “bumi telanlah kami, biar kami bersama” (earth please just swallow us, so we could get together) from the song ‘Biarkan Kami Bersama’ / by Stereomantic

– “ I never had somebody who makes me daydream unconsciously and dream consciously almost every night ”

– “ Why are you now ignoring me, and slipping my calls? Who is changing now? The weather, you, or me?”

– “if you said you don’t want to hurt me, why don’t you leave me when I asked you to? Why do you leave now when I beg you to stay”

– “for someone like you, who was just asking for dips and crumble, I offered a full menu, altogether with my heart, served on the table”

– “ you looked like an apple, you smell like an apple, you behave like an apple. But when I take a bite and swallow, it hurt like shit. You’re a durian, and I don’t know that I have to crack and peel you first”

– “ when I’m only moon to reflect your shine, my glow will only show.. When the lights of you appear. But how? When most of the time you disappear!”

– “I’m sorry.. But it’s not my fault that feelings have wings and they can just fly anytime they want, when you can’t keep it consoled”

– “this is funny. Now I know how it felt to be happy, but incomplete. It’s just anytime when you’re not around”

– “I’m in the state of liking nobody that is NOT perfect. That’s why I like you. You are perfect.”

– “I know I probably like you for all the wrong reasons. But fact is, humans are not just basically good. They are also basically bad. I can tolerate that perfectly”

– “this is not chemical, nor biological. This is also not logical– they way I felt for you, I thought a feeling like this never exist. Thank you for giving me a chance to live a love, so alive”

“ And at last, the love you take is the one you make”

Hmm.. Pretty emo huh? Scary, what love can do to a person. I’m reading this as if I didn’t write it myself, and I’m glad that I can do that now :).

Happy new year 2011. Now, be good. Don’t make anyone fall in love too hard!