Seasons change. It pushes some new colors and temperature, but it’s also letting go a handful. Some are awfully beautiful, some are just awful…../full stops.

People change. You let go one person, then comes a handful.

Some are changing you/like how the weather changes, others change themselves, and your feeling towards them changes too.

Memories change, at least on how we feel about it. One day it can make you go back and forth feeling head-over-heels, the other day you just want to erase it from your mind.

Time changes. At least between;

you and I,

you and her,

you and him,

them and me.

As time passes by, distance follow after. You and I become closer, you and her being distant, you and him become strangers.

Put distance in miles, and you’ve got more time changes. Suddenly you and her become stronger, you and him start to know each other, then you and I are over.

We are born with all this cuddle-fuddle/ criss-crossing changes, we barely see that actually nothing really change,  but the constant change within ourselves.

We might deny … pause … or even hold these changes; but we can’t skip them. It’s a part of our own self, it’s what we do. We’ve been changing things; from crops to rice, woods to furniture, and from love to hatred to love again.

We are change-volatile, change-prone, and thus, well-trained to foresee as much changes in our lives, we should never be change-fragile, but change-fluid.

So, don’t be flabbergasted at changes;

don’t be shocked that feelings change.

Truly, at first I thought the birds suddenly appear because of you…

But now, oh no, it’s just another seasons change.

The birds are always heading out where the sun-shines.

And I? I change out my feeling overtime whenever the sun-burns