This video of Two Way Monologue by Sondre Lerche is somewhat a representation of our present popular culture –

When facing with multiple selection of entertainment, it is possible that sometimes we are served by two very similar options. As has been coined by Baudrillard, the term of ‘simulacrum’ refers to a representation of what it is real.

In other words, everything that we see in this world is never necessarily original. It might only be a trace of something that we’ve remembered; but unconsciously we reproduce it and feel as if it is an original work.

Two Sondres in this video might imbricate layers of meaning. In terms of simulacrum fashion, this video is saying that there is such no quality as  an authentic quality. Although it might only look slightly different, but it is essentially the same. This also refers us to the consumer society that we’re trapped in right now. When we are buying famous brands; we are no more than crediting to the image of the brand. We buy things because we believe that they have value, whilst we can actually find products with exact quality in a much cheaper price.

One Sondres is better looking than the other, and girls cheer upon the better looking one; critize how so many people nowadays are in praise of something that is only a stylistic aesthetication. We cheer to those who are polished and beautiful.  Regardless the fact that most of the most beautiful things in this world came from unnatural intervention and forgery. For example : Photoshop! Enough said.

However, it is doubtful that this video reflects as a postmodern art for its heavily English-poppy decoration and the generalized ‘utopian’ happy ending.  At the end, as the third Sondre reveals from the red curtain,  he turned out to be the voice over of Good Looking Sondre. People was disappointed and the Geeky Sondre comes into the spotlight as the video’s hero.

Quality wins over beauty at the end of the competition –  now, who believe in such myth anymore?