If you are not a morning person, but you tend to have busy mornings, you will understand the phrase from combined three words I’m going to announce this instance : lost.keys.dilemma.

Lost? Keys? It’s a dilemma because in a way, you know that you are not losing that particular keys – and there’s no robin hood to eye on your keys since you are far from rich in any sense – but the keys were just not on their rightful place. I mean, you are sure that you put them on the right-hand pocket of your chinos. 

So – the mission is to find why have they evaporate from your pocket. Because you are so sure, SO 100 PERCENT SURE that it was there, ten minutes ago, you were just feeling it’s hard metal edges and its quaint greasy smell coming out from its core.

When you had one of these – morning key dilemmas, loosing stuff by stuff just seem inevitable, afterwards. Suddenly you can’t find your blackberry, you can’t find your wallet, you can’t find your oyster card – goddammit, where is that freakin keys cause I need to go right now unless I’m going to miss that 9:13 central line!

But I guess it’s just how it is – everyday practices embedded in routines will always be fragile. If you know exactly what you should do everyday, if you know how to switch on your ‘auto pilot’ in exact times, a feeling of security and mastery of your own activities are sure underway. However, when you do this things automatically you will also be less human and more robotic. And you do know how robots are when they are out of power, right? They shut off. 

So if you’re not a morning person, yet you always have a busy morning, I guess I should say – don’t forget to constantly “charge” yourself to delay this lost key dilemmas. Enjoy your your breakfast everyone 😉

Mind The Doors,