If you come to that new  Westfield Mall, or the Oxford Circus in London, or even that of Eldon Square in Newcastle you might be amazed of how many clothing is sold and displayed there.

Even so, women – in particular still get this constant confusion each day of what-to-wear. I know that men had this thoughts as well sometimes, mostly they whom reside in cities with fashion polices on patrol such as London (headline yesterday : “can men grab man-clutches with both hands?” ..).

And though we may think at first that gearing up for events can be quite simple, work : blazer, picnic : shorts, clubbing : dress, party : cocktail gown, the variety of events duplicates and as we grow older it also gets frequent.

One thing for sure – you can sign your wardrobe with fashion statement reflected on particular taste, but.. God forbid, no, don’t  make those signature as habitual clothing. For example, you can’t just wear the same mini dress to each clubbings, the sama blazer to work everyday ( yes, I know it’s black but some people do notice ).Eventually, they will notice your thriftiness  from your pictures (someone at some point will start taking pictures – specially when you’re Asian, duh).

Men and women of any age and interest, subconsciously get into depth to this point; that you can’t be caught in camera wearing the same clothes for the same occasion, on a different-but-near-dates.

So, those of you who are on the business of clothing, I congratulate you sincerely cause I think people won’t loose their interest of wearing things above their skin, not until the next 10 generations, I believe.

I don’t know who invented the custom of “wearing clothes” – I mean, since around 2,000 years ago I presumed humans are actually very much naked aren’t they? 

I wonder sometimes – say if on the first days of human creation Eve does not bestow Adam with the first sin of humans, will we be showing “our booties” innocently on Oxford Circus today? Will there be shops on Oxford Circus, or will there be just a parade of human circus circulating the high street? And finally, will people still utter the habitual light ‘sorry’ when you physically bumped into each other skin by accident?

..Err…, now don’t get too much imagination.


Mind the doors,