Today I got a chance to visit one of the most notorious Immigration Office in town, The Tanjung Priok Branch.

Te Drive to Tj Priok itself, it’s quite adventurous.

You would be side by side with 16 wheeler trucks which made the ground beneath you shake (literally) when they pass.

Not to mention, the air that you breathe felt so polluted, the clouds and sky around you are just 50 shades of grey (again, literally)

Yes, you’d feel like you’re in a movie scene. Like, in one of those rundown citadels on a Starwars Movie, or 20th centuries rotten industrial town on Blade Runner.

*Disclaimer* I took this photo from google because I was too afraid to pull my phone out of my pocket.

But yeah, once you’ve driven in Tj Priok, you can drive anywhere.

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