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It is rain that grows flower, not thunder.
So I say, raise your words and not your tones 🙂


Dont Ask what is your religion, but what you can do for Jakarta?

“Jangan tanyakan apa agamamu, tapi apa yang kau perbuat untuk Jakarta”

One of the best campaign video I’ve ever seen in the world. Well-made, great story telling!

Looking forward to the change we’re all going to make on 19th April 2017, the one thing our founding fathers try to build since Day 1 of this country. Lets not let anyone take it away 🙂

Here’s the video, please share the hope!

Don’t give up on religion just yet. #faith2017

With all of the mishaps that had happened in 2016, we witnessed a period of time where in many parts of the world, religion is used to justify violence, extremism, and sponsor a series of unfortunate surprises. Throughout history, religion has been abused and misused not for the greater good, but a selected few of politicians, conglomerate and other God-knows vested interest groups.

But on the other side of the blade, it also contains the very same raw material to justify compassion, co-existence, and kindness.

And, what if at the very centre of the virus, lies the antidote?

And, how about if we start 2017, with a little more faith?

Check out the muse of this thinking by watching this amazing TedTalk by Rabbi Sharon Brous:


Toastmaster Jakarta Conference : Changing the world via communication and leadership

“If you want to change the world, educate people about communication and leadership.

Because most wars in the world, stem from misunderstandings between parties. And only if we want to communicate more, brave enough to take initiative~ we can relate more, understand each other, and bring peace in the world.
-Ibu Maimunah

(Distinguished Toastmasters, 74 y.o., single mother of 4, grandmother of 16, 5 years served in Saudi Arabia)
#Toastmaster #MagicalJakartaConference

Dear Dewi Lestari, Thank you for Supernova!

Dear Dewi Lestari,

“I love it” is way too simplistic to describe how I feel about the final version of Supernova series. I felt deeply connected to each story, and felt rushing pulses each time Ive finished a book. A selfish love that does not need reprocity for its monolog has given so many real-moments that will be enough for a lifetime of imagination.

Thank you!
#supernova #IEP #ADDeection

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We are only accidents waiting to happen. And how to wing it.

We live a life, waiting for accidents to happen.
When you’re in a plane, when you ride your car.
Each and every routine of living itself carries an authentic set of loosing.
So, why are we so afraid doing something unfamiliar, most of the times?

I guess the secret to a meaningful life, is not always about being happy all the time. But, it is about not being afraid of living, and co-exist with the possibility of unhappiness.
Living life passionately and unafraid of the where the course leads, is indeed a perilous path. But- since when, the very concept of life is not itself dangerous, intrusive, and risky?

No matter of what pathological childhood nor emotional hang-ups from past life you may carry, choose other weapon rather than avoidance; and be brave to brace yourself tightly. Most of the times, you will be on your own. Life; is not a wish granting factory. Avoiding defeat and not admitting depression; are at the very tip of igniting depression.

But, what about destiny?
Won’t destiny change your life?
Isn’t everything you do is predestined anyway?

I guess, destiny is merely a guess. A guess that thinks it knows what you would do, and what will happen to you like the intuition of a mother. But you can change it, and there is always room for improvisation. The best time to be alive is not when finally you can strut and brag about the things you have~ but on the contrary, is lowering yourself to the beggar position and trying to be the one who is kinder, loving deeper, and sacrifice braver. LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. Nobody can come across if you built it too high.

The only times I got really cut open are the times I’m not listening to my heart and let my rationales lead the way and crushes everything. My heart tries to create ridiculous standard for myself and my rationale “ratios” it down.

But by all means, you only get one chance. It’s THIS LIFE, It’s NOW or NEVER; so please do create ridiculous standard for yourself and then savour the inevitable failure. Let your heart learn from it and co-habit with the thorn until it became a part of you. Let the ground cracks and rocks crumble, that’s how something amazing grows~ through the cracks.

We are not always in the search of beautiful things, in fact, we are in constant pursuit to make things around us, beautiful.

Some Thought in the streets of Jakarta

This Heineken Ad Made We Wanted to Drink it With Friends

Although a football case is quite irrelevant to me, but this prank captures the very essence why you would drink beer in the first place. Because they are enjoyable with friends. Unlike other pure alcohol where you could drank anytime alone, beers are friendship elixirs. Heineken, you got this! Rock on.

“Strength is in keeping a positive heart in a negative world, a sensitive soul in a cruel world that often feels beyond the realm of soulless.”

Saw this on  thoughtcatalog.

The only way to battle addiction is creating real connection.

Stumbled upon this TED Talk Video when browsing about “The Best Ted Talk in 2015“, and found this incredibly insightful talk about drug addiction, and addiction in general.

For years – human kinds have mistreated addiction. The number of drug addicts continues to rocket, while efforts to suppress them will only bring the numbers upward.

[The famous rat experiment] whereas a rat would prefer a bottle of water infused with heroin as oppose to a bottle of water at any given day; is an old-skool experiment to define addiction. In fact, it is not relevant to today’s world, because we have a multi-layers of choice rather than this simplified duality.  By only giving the rat two choices at one time, it will always choose heroin and subscribes itself to a slow death.

However, the modern experiment gave rats a choice between a bottle of infused heroin as oppose to a rat park – a place filled with playful things, other rats, and other things to do. The result, micky mouse  will 95% not choose the bottle of heroin.

What is really addictive to humans are actually, bonding and connection. When people fail to have them, they will find shortcuts by using drugs, pornography, and other types of instant exhilaration. Thus, if we treat drug-addicts with threats to discharge them from society, punish them with the most severe penalties, problems will only gotten worse.

All we know about addiction, is wrong.

Watch the full version here:

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