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Do you know what is the main difference between Disneysea & Disneyland?

Well, one thing for sure : You know you are in Disneysea when the loudspeaker announces, “Caution Ladies and Gents, this performance may splash water in some area of viewing


She’s such a jolly mouse! She greeted everyone with her big bright smile (she puts on her best red lips of course), and when somebody approaches and give her souvenirs, she’ll be jumping in happiness. Some people ask her signature, too, and she’d give it gladly. I love her.

Moral of the story by being in this very park;

First of all, begin to live out the glory of life by using imagination rather than memories. Only by then you can be an architect for the future, and not a prisoner of the past

(also founded in “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”)

As probably some of you Jakarta folks have known~wherever there’s a Pablo Cheese Cake shop, there will be some crazy queuing in town to get some of these cheese in shining armour. When in Harajuku, Japan, I encountered the original store and finally getting my hands on these babies devoid the long wait. I purchased all three flavor : Choco, Green Tea, and Original.

I got instant sugar high halfway savoring my choco flavored cheese tart. And about the original one, they are actually really pretty to capture. But I love Hokkaido Cheese Tart more as it has sufficient sweetness that’s not too overwhelming. However, the matcha taste on this bunch is amazing and unlike others.

About 50-60years ago, Dutch Tulips started to flood Japan’s market. Kamiyubetsu, a town which produced tulips at that time, was instantly thrown out of the competition~as the Dutch Tulips’ selling price was really low. However, the Japanese was (and still) so fond of this particular flora. Finally they decided to create a park and harvest breeds of Dutch and Japanese Tulips in this park, and now it became a huge tourist destination in Eastern Hokkaido. Best time to visit is April – May when it is blooming from 70-100%


And then there’s some purple, too. No artificial color needed

Just imagine a color, like orange sunset or cotton candy pink.

Some tulips have it all. They have strong-red color, double petals, and sweet fragrance.

Roses? No, no, they’re just not your average tulips.

Kekeunhof, Netherlands? No, no, they are groomed in Kamiyubetsu, Eastern Hokkaido, Japan.

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