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Roses? No, no, they’re just not your average tulips.

Kekeunhof, Netherlands? No, no, they are groomed in Kamiyubetsu, Eastern Hokkaido, Japan.


Unlike other tulips, French Tulips have lacey fringe and for me its shape looked like those Moulin Rouge’s cabaret skirts.

Is it why they’re called French Tulips?

Could have imagine they’re shooting for Grease and Sound of Music altogether in this same venue. Don’t you think?

I’m wild again

Beguiled again

A simpering, whimpering child again

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I

(Fitzgerald 1:1-12) 😊

The John Lennon in me starts to sing seeing these pink madness.

Cant get enough of this pretty park (I swear I did not edit using contrast)

Because life’s too short to eat boring-colored/flavored-ice-cream.

These unbelievably gorgeous neon-pink blanket here is called Shibazakura, or known as well as the ‘moss phlox’. Fully bloomed between mid May-early June, the idea was originally founded by park keeper Heiji Kaotaka in 1957.

After the cherry trees around town were smashed by a typhoon, he started to grow the colony in a small cardboard on the ground. Now, Takinoue Park has the world’s largest moss phlox colonies that spans about 100,000 square metre and local administrators call themselves a ‘Fairy-tale-town’.

A well deserved title, I must say :).

*cue strawberry fields forever song here*

Photo taken by : Mom 🌼 with #nofilter

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